Women’s Spirituality Class

Be a Light: Women’s Spirituality Class

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Mary Hayes Grieco, facilitator

Join us at UUCM on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for a new 10-week class. We begin at 9:30 AM with coffee and social time.

Classes begin September 18, 2018 and continue on Sept 25, Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 13, Nov 20 and Nov 27.)

TO REGISTER:  Class cost is  $195.  Register on line here with a credit card or send in a check made out to Mary Hayes Grieco to 2100 1st Av. South #103 Minneapolis MN 55404.  Pre-registration is requested!  Questions? Call 612-874-6622.

Welcome to this special opportunity to learn and grow in the inspired company of Mary Hayes Grieco and a circle of women who intend to be their best selves – and to offer their light to the world in their own best way. In the classes and circles that Mary leads, good energy abounds, new doors open, and magic happens. Join the fun this fall, and soon you will find yourself operating on new and higher ground, with surprising grace and ease. Students of this course will receive a complimentary copy of Mary’s delightful book of essays, The New Kitchen Mystic A Companion for Spiritual Explorers. Her most recent book, Unconditional Forgiveness A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything, and her audio books will be available for sale at class.


Sept 18                 Intro to Psychosynthesis **: The Power of the Soul-Illumined Woman

Sept 25                 Psychosynthesis, cont. The Path of Self Healing and becoming the Queen of your own life

Oct 2                      The Skillful Will – Your free will is your spiritual “muscle.”  Know what’s yours to do and be able to do it!

Oct 9                      The Me that I Mean to Be. Meet the parts of you that make your life too small and difficult, and transform them. (Mastering Subpersonalities)

Oct 16                    Intuition – You really know! Learn how to access your knowing, and be guided by your intuition, the GPS of your Soul, into your easy and gracious life.

Oct 23                   Boundaries – What I will have in my life from now on. What I will not have in my life from now on! And your healthy energetic boundary which creates your strong personal space

Oct 30                   Forgiveness I – Five things forgiveness isn’t and one thing it is (your best new habit for health, happiness, and freedom)

Nov 13                  Forgiveness II – Laying it down at last: completing a bad story for good, with forgiveness. Turn your wound into wisdom and have no regrets

Nov 20                  Self Forgiveness and Self Love – Stop beating yourself up and putting yourself down – you are loveable and worthy, just the way you are – perfectly imperfect, and pretty darn good right now.

Nov 27                  A New Mission at Any Age – Become happy and on purpose – Your best life makes a positive difference to the world

** What is Psychosynthesis? Mary’s transformational classes are based in the holistic psychology model of Dr. Roberto Assagioli, a brilliant psychologist of the last century who developed a cutting-edge understanding of the healthy and happy human being as a personality that is guided and healed by their soul. His work provides unique understandings of the practical working of our free will, aligned with a Divine Will, as well as our life with energy, and the transformation of “subpersonalities” – the smaller selves within us that work positively or negatively in the expression of our most authentic and effective selves. Mary has been teaching Dr. Assagioli’s theory and methods for over twenty years. .


MARY HAYES GRIECO has served as a catalyst for growth and healing for thousands of people since 1982. She is an author, a psychic, and a respected spiritual teacher based in the Twin Cities. She has been teaching classes, workshops, and women’s circles for over 30 years, and her work has taken her around the world. Learn more about Mary and her work at www.maryhayesgrieco.com and www.forgivenesstraining.com

“Mary is fabulous – she is a gifted and inspiring presenter with a wealth of knowledge.”  Frankie Nielsen, Ed.D. Past President, (European Branch) American Counseling Association.

“Mary teaches with great humility, a natural ability to know “true north,”  unfailing patience (and at just the right times) a sense of whimsy that allows us to be bolder as we  pursue  a never ending  discovery of  our true selves.” Dr. Susan Shaffer.