UUCM’s Interim Ministerial Team

Interim Ministerial TeamThe Board of Trustees is delighted and excited to announce a unique approach to having an Interim Minister while we begin preparing for the arrival of UUCM’s next settled minister. Instead of one minister we’ll have a team of three experienced and skilled people assisting us beginning August 1, 2018. They will be working within the budget that was approved for an interim minister.

We would like to welcome Rev. Meg Riley, who will be the team coordinator and whose primary scope will be worship and pastoral care; Arif Mamdani, whose primary scope will be as CEO and Chief of Staff; and Rev. Terri Burnor, whose primary scope will be Congregational Life and Social Justice.

More information about Rev. Meg Riley is available on the website of the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) where she is the part-time Senior Minister.

Click here for an image of Rev. Terri Burnor with CLF Fellows.

Arif Mamdani has been President of the CLF Board of Directors from 2015-2018.

We have formed a Transition Team: five to seven members who are widely known and respected and well acquainted with the congregation’s history. Their role is to provide the Interim Minister with insight, organizational and facilitative talent, and willing hands as the ministry proceeds. The Transition Team members are: Christy Dachelet, Jackie Zimmerman, Bill McKnight, Janna Sundby and Laurie Moser.

The Transition Team’s first duty is to set up early meetings between the interim minister and important congregational leaders: every member of the governing board, every committee chair, every other person the Transition Team views as a leader, and every paid staff member—as well as the Ministerial Search Committee (if yet formed) and the Transition Team itself.

The Interim Ministers will be present and making themselves known to the entire congregation over the next few weeks. Please welcome them as we connect, grow and act.