Children & Youth Religious Education

For any questions, email Andrea Heier, CRE, Director of Religious Education. You can also schedule a meeting time with her during office hours as well as other times.

Office Hours: Tuesday & Friday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm; Wednesday 1-5 pm

Raising Our Children in the UU Tradition: Family is Their Greatest Support

Saturday, October 13 | 9 AM – NOON

Are you more confident about what UUs do not believe than about what we do believe? Do you feel a hunger for UU family rituals that deepen family bonds? Are you eager for community with other UU families?

Then come to this kick-off workshop, led by Bill Doherty and parent leaders from the UU Families Initiative of Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul. We’re hoping to create a team of parents who will pilot practices to address the questions above. It will be lively, interactive, and inspiring—and the start of something transformative for our UU families. Listen to Bill’s address from the 9/23 worship service. RSVP to attend this workshop or to express interest in being involved in this project (scroll down to the additional information section of the form). Childcare is available.