In the Interim: 10/12/18

terri-burnorYou built this sanctuary, this new home for your church, your people, and the people to come. Yes, it is a physical place, which some have found and more will find. It is a building highly visible from the highway, with a distinctive and modern architecture, located in the heart of the western suburbs.

But church is more than an address. Sanctuary is more than a place. Some say it is “the love between us.” How has that been true for you?

It has been true for your interim ministry team as we experience the commitment, love and care that flow within and beyond this community. How has it been true for you? How has sanctuary, as the love between, shown up and restored you?

Think back to when you first visited UUCM, when you decided to come regularly, become a member, when you said yes and gave of your time and talents. Consider those moments when you were burdened by grief or heartache, when you were stretched into new understandings, when you were filled with joy or felt most at ease. Recall those memories when you’ve been able to “come and rest” or “be filled and go” through the sanctuaries of silence, beauty, trust, acceptance, wholeness.

Whether we’re at UUCM or out in the world, may we remember that sanctuary isn’t confined to a place. It comes from the love we give, share, foster and grow. As Rumi wrote: remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.


Each week, the interim ministry team will share a reflection on the Soul Matters monthly theme, the state of the church, or the state of the world. Meg, Terri and Arif will alternate writing this “In the Interim” post. We encourage your comments.