From the Board: December 2018

The opposite of knowledge…isn’t always ignorance. It can be wonder. Or mystery. Possibility. And in my life, I’ve found it’s the things I don’t know that have lifted me up and pushed me forwards, much more than the things I do know.” — Pico Iyer

I found Pico’s description of wonder and mystery to be insightful as I thought about the UUCM mission:   In a spirit of wonder and with courageous love, we connect, grow, and act.

I was also struck by the connection to the work of the Sacred Solidarity Network (SSN) in which UUCM is participating.  SSN is a cohort of congregations meeting for an ongoing cycle of action and learning. By engaging in a planned curriculum, groups come away with a customizable racial justice toolkit. Rev. Terri Burnor is a member of the SSN coordinating team.

One of SSN’s plans is to encourage us to realize that there is not just one right way.  “We need to try new things and assess how they work- moving from isolation to a network….”

As I think about mystery and wonder, I am reminding myself that there is not just one way.  As Maria Popova reminds us: “Learning more about the world doesn’t lead to a point closer to a final destination… but to more questions and mysteries. The more we know, the more exposed we are to our ignorance, and the more we know to ask.”

David Rynick reminds us that “In a true encounter with another human being, we come face to face with the mystery of life… In every interaction, whether it is with a stranger or our longtime partner, we can be surprised by what we have not yet seen or even imagined.”

So, as we connect, grow and act in the world with others let us keep the spirit of wonder and mystery in our hearts.  I am working to engage more in questions and less in assumptions.

Sharon Charles
Vice President, Board of Trustees