Get to Know the UUCM Transition Team

Transition Team
The board asked a few members to be on a transition team as a means to communicate with the Troika (introduce them to members) and to set the groundwork for the ministerial search committee (which has not been formed yet).

Team members:
Janna Sundby – Chair; Christy Dachelet; Bill McKnight; Laurie Moser; Jackie Zimmerman

Following the first few meetings with the Troika, we, the team, agreed to meet with senior members of other churches of similar size and learn about their relationship(s) with their ministers.  The Troika had an observation that our church members might not have fully experienced a sense of love from the last minister and they asked if we would inquire about what that looks like at these other churches.

We plan to visit these churches over the next few months:

We are also charged with evaluating/completing a questionnaire about the Troika for the UUA.  We had a gathering (randomly selected members) on Sunday January 6 to allow members to hear from one another about how the interim work is going and to start to define who we are currently as a congregation.  This is is preparation for the Search Committee. We created an executive summary for the board and will create action items from the findings insights.

We want to be transparent about what we’re doing without overwhelming you with information! Feel free to let Janna Sundby know if you have any questions.