In the Interim: 1/25/2019

meg-rileyI’m really excited about an upcoming worship service and I hope you will be, too!  On February 10, we are going to welcome new members into the congregation AND dedicate new babies and children to the congregation.

I was shocked to learn, when I asked the Worship Arts Ministry team when the last child / baby dedication had been held, that a number of people on the team could not ever remember seeing one!  So let me describe it to you a bit.

For Unitarian Universalists, welcoming new babies and children into our community has nothing to do with washing away original sin.  In fact, original sin is not part of our faith tradition. Rather, this is a time to receive the babies or children just as they are, and dedicate the community  to the children and the children to the community.  We offer blessings for the children’s lives and assure the parents that they are not alone in providing a loving place for the child. Traditionally, red roses (with the thorns removed, to demonstrate our desire to protect the children) are dipped into the ceremonial waters which the congregation gathered at the beginning of the year and are then used to bless the eyes, the mouth, the hands, the heart, and the mind of the babies and children.

If this interests you, please join me after church on February 3 in the Oak Room to learn more and to share information about your family which we’ll need for the ritual planning.

And if you are ready to join the church, please make sure that Christie Dacholet has your name and email  address or phone number so that she can be in touch with you about the new member ceremony.

Maybe you see now why I’m excited about February 10?  I hope you are, too!

—Warmly, Meg

Each week, the interim ministry team will share a reflection on the Soul Matters monthly theme, the state of the church, or the state of the world. MegTerri and Arif will alternate writing this “In the Interim” post. We encourage your comments.