“A Very Touchy Subject” April 14 at 11:30 AM

TUUCM’s Child & Youth Religious Education Program presents “A Very Touchy Subject”, A Kidpower/Creative Spirit Safe Touch Program

by Rachael Kroog. This 50 Minute interactive family presentation is designed to empower kids and give them tools to keep them safe.  The- parent/child program is filled with music, dance, storytelling, sensitive humor and Rachael’s special friend, Squeaky the bird. It is a perfect complement to this year’s Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education classes for K/1st and 4/5th grades. All families with K-5th grade children are encouraged to attend. And it is free, although donations are welcome!

Moving beyond “stranger danger”, Rachael Kroog takes a fresh, child friendly approach to the difficult topic of safe touch.  Empowered with fun, positive messages, safety skills and interactive music that build self confidence and self-esteem, kids are taught hot safety tips and then are given the chance to demonstrate their knowledge by helping Squeaky, the Bird out of a tough situation. The goal of this program is to turn nice kids into nice and SAFE kids by empowering, entertaining and educating children on how to keep themselves safe from harm, stand up for themselves, and develop respect for their sacred bodies.

Rachael Kroog is a singer/songwriter/naturalist and dreamer who is living her dream of working with children, music and nature. Her life’s work is about weaving powerful spiritual themes through music and drama. She creates a multifaceted presentation customized for each particular audience. A naturalist with the MN Zoomobile for over ten years, Rachael focuses on the metaphors in nature and the spiritual lessons we can learn from all creation.

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