From the Board: April 2019

The theme this month is Wholeness.  As I was assigned to ponder wholeness, I got stuck.  What is it to be whole?  What is it to have holes?  What does it mean to be whole?  I know I do not have any unneeded holes or I’d be leaking, so I must be whole.

One of the biggest things I appreciate about being part of our congregation is that it is a place where we can ask questions.  It is expected that as individuals, we do not have all the answers.  Collectively, we are much stronger, smarter, and able to see more possibilities while forming our own point of views.

As you may know, I spend a lot of my chosen church time with the youth.  I knew I needed their help to answer my questions about wholeness. So I asked Star and Devon about what is it be whole and of course, their answers were quite insightful. Between them, they shared that to be whole is, “Be true to yourself, know what is right and wrong and to act upon it” and “Know who you are and not question your life choices”.  They also commented that to be whole is “To be well rounded and go into things with an open mind and wanting to learn more.”   Star and Devon are obviously good choices to go to for insight and deep thinking.

At the conclusion of our conversation, Andrea joined us and we began to talk about donuts and donut holes.  And the real philosophical question came up, “Is a Donut hole, whole?”  And finally, “If you eat a donut hole, did you eat anything?”  Hmmm, sounds like it is time to go up for coffee hour and eat some donuts!

Julia Antonsen
Member, UUCM Board of Trustees

One Comment

  1. I love engaging the youth and having them provide insights to our questions. It would be great to see them author an article or two on the Happenings page, too!



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