Community Healing Touch Sessions Will Resume in the Fall

Note on Healing Touch: There doesn’t seem to be interest in Healing Touch at this time, so we will not hold sessions for the rest of the summer. We hope to offer Healing Touch again later this fall and appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to bring it to you.

Thank you,
Betty Hartnett

Healing Touch is a complementary therapy that has been around since the 1980’s. It was developed by Janet Mentgen, a nurse in Denver, Colorado, who utilized wisdom from a variety of healing practices some of which included Shamanistic and Asian traditions. Healing Touch and other energy therapies work to energize and balance the energy system within the body. It has been used in hospitals, clinics, and private practices as a complementary therapy to Western medicine.

Healing Touch has many benefits. Some of these are: a feeling of well-being, relaxation, healing, reduction of stress, tension, and anxiety, shortening of hospital stays after surgery due to faster healing, a strengthened immune system, reduction of the effects of trauma and chronic pain, support for the dying process, and a deepening of spiritual connections.