2019 Twin Cities Pride Parade

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Stephanie Siewert, a member at UUCM (and our treasurer!) shared some beautiful photos from her participation in the 2019 Twin Cities Pride parade with MUUSJA – the Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance. Below, Stephanie talks about the experience in her own words.

“I was proud to represent UUCM and loved meeting other metro area UU’s. It was a powerful experience of solidarity. I can’t recall a time I’ve felt more love and affirmation in the air among crowds of strangers and it was awesome!”

Here is an article with more coverage of the event, including a photo and statement from Danny Givens Jr., who spoke at UUCM this past March:

“We’re here representing MUUSJA, an organization designed to help faith-based organizations and churches to become more aligned with their mission of values around social justice, and lending our voice, our body, our institution, our social capital to any area of injustice that exists in the land. We have to stay in direct relationship with the marginalization and the oppression that exists within the Pride community. More specifically, MUUSJA has been very instrumental in the marriage equality work, and we’ve been doing some great things, and many of our ministers and lay leaders identify as LGBTQ, so we’re a very inclusive denomination as well.”

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  1. Stephanie, thank you so much for representing UUCM! Hopefully next year we can get an even bigger contingent to represent. (As soon as my son gives up his afternoon nap we will be there!)



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