(Archive) North Wall Art: Beverly Tipton Hammond



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In July 2019, the North Wall Art Space at UUCM featured the work of Maple Grove artist, dancer, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur Beverly Tipton Hammond.  Her “Hattitudes” series first appeared as part of the “Grace” exhibit at the MN African American Heritage Museum and Gallery. These acrylic portraits of women in exuberant, colorful hats are a paean to the long history of women and “church hats”, and is inspired by Ms. Hammond’s passion for millinery.

If you are interested in purchasing the art please contact Christy Dachelet at 952-270-7304 or czdachelet@comcast.net.


  1. These are terrific! I LOVE that we have a rotating gallery of local art. So fantastic! Thanks to Christy and others who locate and coordinate these artists.



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