Social Generosity at UUCM

Every Sunday, UUCM donates the entire open offering to a social justice cause (more details are available in the Social Generosity section on our website). The Social Justice ministry is happy to report that UUCM has collected and distributed $112,899.70 from July 2010 until June 2019 in our Social Generosity efforts. We want to thank the congregation for putting your money where your values are. You should  be proud of your part in this ongoing show of support that  this congregation practices each week during our Sunday services.  I can testify to the fact that at certain times I can only afford to put $2 or $3 in the offering basket and I wish I could do more because UUCM feeds my soul every week and I want to help people and organizations that share my principles and values.  After ushering one Sunday, as I was sorting the bills and checks, I noticed how many $1 bills were in the basket. One week there were so many I could hardly fit the collection in the bank envelope. This tells me that even a small donation is important because it adds to the total. Every dollar counts.

Thank you so much,

Fay LaVigne
Social Justice Ministry

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