Beloved Conversations Coming This Fall


We’re excited to bring back Beloved Conversations again this fall. Around 40 members have already gone through this immersive small-group curriculum for exploring race/ethnicity in our lives and in the life of this congregation. It is a meaningful and deep experience as we work to interrupt racism and dig into how racial truths shape our ways of being with each other. The curriculum also supports the different learning and participation needs of people of color and white congregants.

This may be the last offering of this program for a while. If you’ve been on the fence or would like to take it again (which we encourage!), don’t miss out. We will begin in September with an opening retreat (Friday night and all day Saturday) followed by 8 weekly 2-hour sessions on Sunday afternoons. Exact dates and registration will be available soon. Please contact Terri at if you’re interested.

We are excited to bring back Beloved Conversations — a small-group curriculum for exploring the role of race/ethnicity in our lives. It’s a time for compassion, grace, risk-taking, vulnerability, and the healing joy when cross-racial relationships are reconciled. Not only does it offer opportunities for individual change for people who are white, but it provides organizational support for institutional change and faith formation resources explicitly for people of color. This curriculum has been used by nearly 150 UU congregations across the country since it launched 5 years ago.


* Deep Check-in: Making Sense of the Retreat; the Invisible Footprint of Racial/Ethnic History
* Exploring Our Dynamic of Racism and Privilege
* Racism Today: Micro-Aggressions
* Interrupting Racism
* Community Audit: The Experience of Race and Ethnicity in Your Community
* Power and Process: How Institutional Change Happens in Our Congregations
* Prophetic Vision: Towards a Multicultural Congregation in Solidarity with the World
* Building the Bridge Between Our Present and Our Future

Learn more at the Fahs Collaborative.

2019 Schedule:

Beloved Conversations opens with a day-and-a-half-long learning laboratory in the form of a deep immersive “Retreat.” The Retreat explicitly models the learning style and spirit of the curriculum and encourages participants to go deep quickly. Following the retreat, cohorts will meet for eight 2-hour sessions. These sessions will be facilitated by trained teams from the congregation and supported by Rev. Terri.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Terri,

One Comment

  1. My participation in Beloved Conversations helped me realize that I do have racially-based biases and prejudices – and equally importantly, helped me learn how to be more aware of them (in myself and in the world around me), and emboldened me to take action when such things arise both in myself and in those around me. I strongly recommend the program – even for (especially for) people who think they don’t possess biases.



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