Parking at UUCM

UUCM is growing, and welcoming many visitors each Sunday. As a result, our parking situation can be challenging on Sunday mornings, especially when there is snow.  While we work on longer-term solutions, here is how you can help:

  • Come early. Please avoid the last minute rush and allow yourself time to find suitable parking.
  • Reduce the number of cars. For households, take one car if possible, or park one car offsite. Consider carpools with friends.
  • Park offsite. If you can come early and are able to walk, please park away from church. There are two main options:
  • First, try to park east of the church along Wayzata Blvd between Crosby and Holdridge Terrace, on the south side in front of the houses (see map). Picture1
  • When there is no snow, you can park in the outlot just west of church (see map). However, keep cars in two rows close to UUCM (off the neighbors’ lot) and never block access to neighbors’ driveway.
  • Park safely onsite. Please only park in a designated parking spot unless directed elsewhere by one of our parking attendants. Also, please leave the upper parking lot spaces for our older or less able members and friends those who need to be close.

Thank you for your help and your patience as we work through these growing pains.  If you have any concerns, please send your comments and suggestions to the church at