Social Generosity Offering: February 2020

Our FEBRUARY Social Generosity Offering will go to Hope House, a six-bed, short-term emergency shelter for youth ages 14 –19 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Located in Excelsior, Hope House is the only youth shelter west of Hwy 100. Skyler Seets, a UUCM youth, recently lead a drive at Minnetonka High School in support of Hope House.

Hope House is comfortable, 2-story residential home where all youth are welcome, Hope House aims to help youth from the southwest suburbs and surrounding communities. .

When home is not a safe place, or when youth are kicked out of home, couch-hopping, or on the streets, Hope House offers a safe alternative.  Youth share kitchen, living, recreational, and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Skilled in trauma-informed care, staff help youth work through any crisis, secure community resources, and plan for the next step on their journey. Working one-to-one with a case manager, youth identify and develop their own strength-based plans.

Hope House includes quiet place for reflection and connections to support groups addressing mental health and family and school conflict. Youth and family counseling is accessible on-site through myHealth Clinic.

At Hope House, youth gain self-sufficiency and independence. Whenever possible, goals include family reconciliation and reunification.​

Are You a Teen Who Needs Help, Resources  — or a Safe Place to Stay? 

Text us at Hope House: (612) 916-3977 or call us at Hope House:  (612) 900-2077 

Note: All cash placed in the Sunday collection, as well as checks to “UUCM” with “Social Generosity” in the memo line, will go towards the Social Generosity cause for the current month. NEW: Donate by PayPal or credit card at You may also use the basket to make other contributions to UUCM. Simply make your check out to “UUCM” with instructions in the memo line.

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