New Minister Board Update: Week 4

Last week, in our Board Update, we started looking at the four development goals the Board has identified as the most important in selecting a developmental minister to partner with in implementing those goals.  The goal that we are exploring further this week is “Leadership Development” which is also an essential aspect of our next goal “Imagining the Future.”  If we don’t do leadership development well, we won’t be able to execute well our other goals in the future.

Read on to learn more about our current leadership situation, future vision and next-steps!

What’s our current situation?  We have historically organized our teams and committees primarily around one or two leaders for each team.  As the teams take on more and more tasks, their carrying capacity can become overtaxed and burnout can ensue.  We have had teams/committees which have remained leaderless for months or years.  At times, leaders who would like to move into new roles or take a break become trapped in roles where there is no one to backfill them.

What’s our vision for Leadership Development?  Ideally, we want effective leaders in leadership roles.  We want to encourage  those who are willing to take leadership roles to learn and grow in those roles in ways that are meaningful to them and to the larger community.  And, we want to provide new leadership opportunities for members of our community to explore that align with our mission.

What’s next? Practically, this means we need to develop “deeper benches” of leaders in every ministry/board area who are ready and able to step forward when needed. We know that a leadership development plan will include training, mentorship, and opportunities for learning.  We know that we need to provide opportunities for “hands-on” experience to foster leadership growth.  And, we need a process to identify those in the community who already have experience in the areas in which we need to grow.

This is our longest weekly Board Update so far.  Leadership Development is THAT important to our mission to Connect, Grow, and Act!  It’s THAT important to ensuring that the “Intentional Growth” we discussed last week is able to sustain the relational richness we treasure within the congregation.  And it’s why when selecting a developmental minister, we will be attentive to their demonstrated proficiency in these areas of leadership development.

In the meantime, we invite you to contemplate how you are willing to lead at UUCM (if you’re at a point in your life where you have capacity to do so.)  As always, we value your feedback.  And if you have any questions you’d like us to address in future Board Updates, please let us know.

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