New Minister Board Update: Week 5

We have been hearing some questions about our process for selecting a new minister so we decided to address a couple of them in this Board Update, and we’ll keep progressing through the Developmental Goals and many other aspects of our minister selection process in future Board Updates.

The Board Updates have focused on Developmental Goals.  Are there other qualities/attributes/skill sets which the Board is looking for in a new minister?  Yes, of course!  Not only do we want to see in a minister alignment with the developmental goals but also (and these are in no particular order) excellence in sermons, CEO skills, people skills, pastoral care, spiritual leadership, alignment of their values with our values, and more.  In future Board Updates, we will share more about our selection criteria.

Are there applicants?  Our position was posted on the UUA website last week, so we don’t have applicants yet . . . but we will!   We have a vibrant church in a major metropolitan area that will be desirable for candidates.  Also, we are the only UU church in all of MN seeking a minister, so if someone wants to be in MN, we are the only option!

Keep the questions coming!

And now we have a request of you: If you have experience or interest in fundraising or finance, talk to Fred Hulting or any UUCM Board Member about the opportunities that are available.

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