New Minister Board Update: Week 8

The first Stewardship Gathering took place last Sunday and there was a lively question and answer session about the selection of a new minister.  Here are two of those questions:

Is developmental ministry a category of ministry?  Is developmental ministry recognized by the UUA?  Yes and Yes!  Developmental ministry is a recognized category of ministry by the UUA and we are working closely with the UUA Transitions staff during the selection process.  Developmental ministry is a newer model of ministry which is why many in the congregation may not have heard of it before.  The decision to move forward with the developmental ministry model was made after much reflection by the Board including what we learned from the Congregational Listening Sessions, with support and input from our current interim ministers, and in discussion with and approval by the UUA Transitions staff.

If you have not already done so, please plan to attend a Stewardship Gathering.  We welcome your questions.

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