UUCM is now a member of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative

The Social Justice Ministry Team is proud to announce that UUCM has become a member of the Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. Beacon’s collaborative involves over 90 Metro area Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations, as well as two other UU churches, in working toward the goal of ensuring that everyone has a home.

Beacon operates 18 properties that not only provide housing for individuals, families and youth, but also supportive services which are critical for long term stability. Four more projects are in process, including one in Hopkins and another in Shakopee. In addition, Beacon manages a program called Families Moving Forward, in which congregations host families who are temporarily without housing.

Congregational training is a part of Beacon’s mission that we are excited about. Their staff can assist our congregation in learning more about the issues involved and how to advocate for change. Collaboration with other churches in our community can have far reaching benefits in many areas of social justice. We can do more together.

If you would like more information and/or would like to join our effort, please contact Sue Fust: drlansue@yahoo.com or Mary Cotton: mary3452@hotmail.com.

One Comment

  1. I love seeing us extend our reach into our community; thank you to the Social Justice team for all you are doing on behalf of our congregation!



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