ONLINE Tuesday Night Book Club

Next meeting is ONLINE on Tuesday, June 9 at 7:00 PM. 

Special Announcement: The Tuesday Night Book Club is now accepting nominations for the books we’ll be reading during the next year.  We meet on the second Tuesday evening each month (currently meeting online).  We’d love to have new members join us.  For more information and Zoom meeting details, contact Gary Charles.

Here’s my proposal for the book selection process. I’ve tried to incorporate all the suggestions I’ve been gathering from you all during the past year.

Book Selection Process:

  1. Prior to our June 9th meeting, please send me your two (2) book nominations (one Fiction and one Non-fiction) via email.  Please include the author, title, F or NF, a summary of the book, why it would provoke a good discussion, and the approximate number of copies available in the Hennepin library system (assuming it has re-opened).
  2. At our June meeting, each of us will have an opportunity to promote and discuss the books we and others have nominated.
  3. Following the June meeting, each of us will have the chance to use ranked choice voting to choose our favorites from those nominated.  I’ll send you each the form for you to select and rank the books you’d most like to read during the coming year.
  4. At our July meeting, we’ll select the order in which we’ll read the most popular books we’ve chosen.

To assist us in the nomination process, I’ve prepared lists of all the books our club has read and discussed during our first two years.  Here are the links to those lists:

Men’s Book Club Reading List 2018-19
Men’s Book Club Reading List 2019-20

If you have questions, please contact Adam Schenck or Gary Charles. New members are always welcome. New attendees: please email Gary Charles to request Zoom meeting ID/password details.

(Formerly Men’s Book Club)

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