UUCM is Going Solar!

A message from Fred Hulting, Board President, boardpresident@uucmtka.org

Over the past six months a team led by Jackie Smolen has developed a proposal for UUCM to work with Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light to install convert our electric power to solar. This proposal was recently approved by the Council and the Board. Moving to solar will allow us to replace our current fossil fuel energy source with clean renewable energy, reduce the impact of climate change and pollution on communicates of color, and save significantly on our energy bill.

To install solar panels at the church, we are partnering with Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL).  MNIPL is a non-profit, multi-faith organization that advocates for policy initiatives addressing the climate crisis and the creation of a 100% renewable, equitable and sustainable future. They offer a program that enables churches to purchase and install solar panels at a reduced cost.  You can read more about the proposal by clicking here.

The Board’s unanimous support reflected a desire to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by replacing fossil fuel energy with clean renewable energy, and a recognition that communities of color bear the brunt of the effects of climate change and pollution exposure. Here, environmental action and racial justice are linked, and the project is a way to help live out our 1st, 6th, and 7th principles.  Solar energy will also generate savings of about $3,000 per year on our energy costs.

The church will spend $40,000 to buy and install the panels. The money will come from a mix of existing funds and money raised from the congregation. We have already had some donors make pledges, and we are very confident we can raise the necessary funds. If you would like to show your support for the project and make a gift, you can mail a check with “Solar” in the memo to the church, or give online at bit.ly/giveuucm and enter your donation under “Building Fund”.


  1. There are many good things about this move to solar; thank you to Jackie and team for researching, coordinating, and implementing! A possible future topic: How can members install solar in their personal homes?



  2. I got my panels through a program at mn interfaith power and light. Mnipl. I would check with them to see if they have another bulk buy program for home owners or
    Check with Apadana. They were my installers



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