Thank you for your Support of Solar Power!

We have received very positive responses from members and friends about the move to solar power, and many of you have made a donation in support of the project.  As of September 15 we have raised $37,900!  Your generous support means that we will have to spend less from our capital reserve.  We still welcome additional donations to offset the project cost.   If you would like to show your support for the project and make a gift, you can mail a check with “Solar” in the memo to the church, or give online at and enter your donation under “Building Fund.”  Donations of any size are appreciated. The engineering work to prepare for our solar installation is continuing.  And we hope to finalize the installation plan soon.  Stay tuned for updates. You can read more on the project here.

One Comment

  1. Coen loves that we are going to use solar energy, and just made a donation to the fund. 🙂 [He is a little concerned that the panels will hurt the new church building; I assured him the installers are very good and that no harm will come to UUCM.] Thank you all for the work done on this!



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