Making a Public Statement on Black Lives Matter

Fred Hulting, Board President

The Board recently received a proposal for UUCM to make a public statement regarding Black Lives Matter, to be accompanied by a banner outside the church.  Per our By-Laws, this statement must be approved by the congregation at a special meeting.  Below I will discuss what will happen and how you can get involved.

I wanted to start by sharing a little bit about our journey as a congregation in the past year. Discussion of a Black Lives Matter banner started last June following the murder of George Floyd. At that time, our previous Ministers felt that the congregation should take time for reflection before we made this decision. In response, several discussion groups and education classes began during the summer.  Since then, there have been many other actions, including the formation of a Racial Justice team within the Social Justice Ministry, work with Just Deeds on removing the racial covenant from our property, and our joint anti-racism efforts with other congregations.  We have made progress since last June, with much work left to do.

When our new Minister, Rev. Lisa Friedman, joined us in August, the Board began to work with her on how we should move forward as a church.  We published an update on those efforts in October.  As part of that work, the Board translated the by-laws requirement on public statements into a process that balanced speed with the democratic process. We then invited the congregation to submit proposals for public statements on anti-racism. This last week we received a proposal for a statement on Black Lives Matter.

Having received the proposal, the next step is to build awareness of the proposal within the congregation and to invite conversation.  We will publicize the proposal in the Friday Update for the next four weeks and hold three virtual information and discussion sessions.  We encourage all our Members to attend one of these sessions and become informed.  A congregational meeting to vote on a proposal (which may be revised based on congregational conversations) will follow, and that has yet to be scheduled. Watch the church communications for more information. Questions about the process may be directed to Becky Halat or Fred Hulting.

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  1. Thank you to Karen Zais, Kate Flom, Lori Arnold, Sam Brandt, Brian Zais, Beth Potter, MaryAnn Wiborg, John Knox, Malia Brandt, Cindy Busch, Barb Corbusier, and Jan Geigle for creating both a concise yet comprehensive statement, and taking action to advance this work for UUCM.



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