Expanded Safe Church Policies at UUCM

Our church has always sought to provide safe and nurturing programming for young people. Recently, we have revised and expanded our policies, to be even more proactive and strategic in ensuring a safe place for kids, as well as those who work with them. One bedrock of our policy is the Two Adult Rule: in all programs involving minors, there will be at least two non-related adult leaders, each of whom have been involved at UUCM for at least six months, at least one of whom has completed our Safe Church Training program. Check out these links to learn more about our Safe Church Policies and Training:

Link for the 47 minute Safe Church Training Session
Link to the Safe Church Training Packet

One Comment

  1. The Two Adult Rule makes so much sense; thank you for taking solid action to help ensure our church remains a safe space for everyone, particularly our most vulnerable.



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