UUCM Racial Justice News

The restrictive racial covenant on the church’s property title has been removed! The Board received word from our pro bono attorney, Joshua Dorothy, that the covenant was removed via title examiner’s directive and a new title to the property has been issued. As you know, these covenants were used to restrict property from being owned or occupied by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. While restrictive covenants are no longer enforceable, we can all be more comfortable knowing the covenant is gone from our property title.

Continuing UUCM’s racial justice work, members of the Racial Justice group recently met with representatives of community partners to plan and prepare for a community education event about restrictive covenants on deeds within Wayzata. Community partners working on this project include the League of Women Voters of Wayzata and Plymouth; the City of Wayzata; Wayzata Community Education; IOCP; Wayzata Citizens for Racial Equity; and the City of Golden Valley. The group is hoping to present an educational program in early May to reach more residents about the existence of these covenants, and what can be done about them. The article in the SunSailor local newspaper about UUCM’s work in this area was a catalyst for this program.

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