Minister’s Message 3/31/21

This week’s message reflects on this season’s longing for hope and renewal. Rev. Lisa shares a memory of an Easter letter from a Unitarian Church in Romania and the new perspective it gave her on the meaning of Holy Week.

REMINDER Our service this Sunday is multigenerational – check out these activity pages designed to be used during the service, or whenever you like. Enjoy!

You are also invited to view an introduction and link to this month’s UUConnectMonthly newsletter, below Rev. Lisa’s message.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 5.17.29 PM

Click on the picture above to view Rev. Lisa’s weekly video message.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 5.44.06 PM

March 2021, Volume 3: UUConnect Monthly

The March, 2021 edition of the UUConnectMonthly reveals how:

  • Attending long distance endurance events is a hobby for both Brook and Mike Wheeler (new members of UUCM)  
  • Stefanie Bell-Egge discovered UUCM 5 years ago
  • Nan Wright creatively interprets “Commitment” during the pandemic

And many more fun facts from members and friends of UUCM. We invite you to contribute to future editions! More details are on the last page of the newsletter.

Grateful to connect with you,
Stephanie Siewert and Lori Arnold

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