Stewardship: Courageous Love in Community (thru May 3rd)

Our annual UUCM Stewardship Campaign, “Courageous Love in Community,” is now underway until May 2, 2021.  The campaign supports UUCM’s continued growth and a larger ministry in the world. The campaign will run now through May 3rd, with a goal to receive 125 pledges and raise $365,000.

Our annual budget is made possible by the generous support of members and friends through gifts of all sizes. As we prepare to reopen our church in the upcoming year, to develop both in-person and online opportunities for connection, and to continue our public engagement, your support matters more than ever. Our mission to “connect, grow, and act” in a spirit of wonder and courageous love is made real through our shared ministry.  This year’s budget reflects our key priorities to (1) achieve equity in staff benefits and (2) return to the building with continued online access. To support this budget, we ask you to do three things:

  1. Join us for the final online 60-minute Congregational Gatherings on Sunday, May 2 (rescheduled) at 11:15 AM. You will have a chance to hear about plans and budget for the 2021-22 church year, reflect on the meaning of the church for you and your family, and ask questions about UUCM’s plans for reopening. A Zoom link will be published in the next Friday Update. If you have any questions, please contact Fred Hulting.
  1. Make a financial pledge of support ( for the 2021-22 operating budget. Your participation is key and every gift matters. Please pledge as you are able. If all our Members and Friends join in – especially those who have never pledged – we can easily get to 125 pledges and meet our fundraising goal. To help you with your decision, please review the information in our Stewardship Packet.
  1. Complete the new 10-minute Congregational Survey ( to provide valuable feedback to our church leadership as we plan the year ahead.

Please respond to the survey and make your pledge by May 3rd. Thank you for your investment in UUCM’s “Courageous Love in Community” campaign!

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