Solar for ALL: MNIPL’s May Community Connector Webinar

Solar for ALL: MNIPL’s May Community Connector Webinar
THIS TUESDAY, May 4, from 7-8 PM on Zoom 
Click here to register. You probably are aware that going solar can help cut utility bills and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And costs for clean energy through a variety of solar options continue to drop. But switching to solar, as a homeowner or a congregation, can be intimidating. 

Join Whitney Terrill and Buff Grace with MNIPL as we explore the vital climate healing work of solar energy. We will summarize the many projects MNIPL has created to help homeowners and faith communities go solar, whether solar is possible without taking on debt, and how we can ensure a just transition to solar with equitable opportunities for all. There will be plenty of time for questions and conversation. 


  1. Many of the solar panels being installed in the United States are being made with the forced labor of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. Do we know where our panels were manufactured? What was the carbon footprint of their manufacture and what thought and plans have been given to the environmental impact of their eventual disposal?



    1. Lee – Thank you for raising this issue. We will work with our solar supplier and MN Interfaith Power and Light to get answers. This is a good reminder that our social justice work has many dimensions, and that understanding the connections and intersectionality is important. Thanks again, Fred Hulting, Board President.



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