Social Generosity Offering: June 2021


PNHP Minnesota is the Minnesota branch of Physicians for a National Health Program (over 12,000 members) whose purpose is to establish universal single payer health care (or Medicare for All) in MN and in the United States. It is widely recognized that our health care delivery system is broken, and many experts realize that the only way to fix it is to expand Medicare so that it covers all residents. We pay twice what other developed countries pay for health care, yet over 30 million are uninsured, over 50 million are underinsured and our health outcomes are worse than the rest of the developed world.

Our primary purpose is to educated health care workers and the general public about the importance of M4A (Medicare for All Program). Currently we have a summer intern program for 5 second-year medical students to educate them on this subject and to get them involved in advocacy with their legislators. Those of us who have worked for many years on this effort feel that now is the time to strike. We are encouraging everyone who is interested to communicate with their legislators regarding the importance of this effort. There are strong bills in the MN legislature and the US Congress which would provide needed health care for all residents at a cost less than what we currently spend.

How to Donate: You can donate online using a credit card at You may also mail a contribution to UUCM at 2030 Wayzata Blvd E, Wayzata MN 55391. Simply make your check out to “UUCM” with “Social Generosity” in the memo line.

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