UUCM Mid-Week Message 6/16/21

During the summer months, the Minister’s Message will become the UUCM Mid-Week Message with inspiration provided by members of UUCM’s staff team. This week’s message is offered by Jennifer Swick, Director of Family Ministry.

Play is our worship theme for June. In this Mid-Week Message, Jennifer shares reflections on how the spiritual discipline of play has led to healing in her life. What are the rough edges of your history, personality or relationships that could be healed by the power of play?


Click on the picture above to view Jennifer’s video message.

Here are the links Jennifer references in her message – we hope you will contribute and enjoy!

  • Click here to learn more and add examples of your favorite family and friend games to the June UUConnectMonthly newsletter. Submissions are due by June 23.
  • Check out the slideshow of Stuffy Camp using this link.

One Comment

  1. “Wacky ways” of experimenting with the mechanics of sports – YES! C has some “interesting” ways he experiments with things, and it’s good for me to step back and let him try his approaches (provided they won’t injure him or others). 😉

    Your coloring is gorgeous! And Mike’s video is very fun. So much talent here at UUCM. And excited for Chalice Camp!



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