UUCM Mid-Week Message 7/28/21

During the summer months, the Minister’s Message will become the UUCM Mid-Week Message with inspiration provided by members of UUCM’s staff team. 

This week’s message reflects on UUCM’s recent Day of Service for all ages. Rev. Lisa shares a rabbinic tale about the power of good deeds.

You are also invited to view an introduction and link to this month’s UUConnectMonthly newsletter, below Rev. Lisa’s message.

Lisa July 28

Click on the picture above to view Rev. Lisa’s weekly video message.

UUConnect JulyJuly 2021, Volume 7: UUConnect Monthly

In this edition of the UUConnectMonthly newsletter, several members of UUCM share their “elevator speech,” recently crafted during a 3 part virtual class led by Rev. Lisa Friedman.  These statements, brief enough to be shared on an elevator ride, and meant as a community faith expression (rather than a personal statement) bravely answer, “What do you believe?”

Grateful to connect with you,
Stephanie Siewert and Lori Arnold – uuconnectmonthly@uucmtka.org

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