UUCM Mid-Week Message 8/25/21

During the summer months, the Minister’s Message will become the UUCM Mid-Week Message with inspiration provided by members of UUCM’s staff team. 

In this week’s message, Music Director Paul Winchester gives a quick walk through of our new video streaming system, all the great angles it can capture, and how easy it is to operate. If you are interested in learning how to operate this new system, please consider attending the AV Tech training this Saturday, August 28th, at 1 PM in the sanctuary.

Paul Aug 25

Click on the picture above to view Paul’s video message.

One Comment

  1. Paul, I can’t believe I missed this message – so sorry for the delayed response. All that said, this system is SO COOL! Thank you for all you do to make the UUCM experience engaging for all – in person and virtually – and for making it so easy for the average person to support and assist. I know these things are not easy at all, and deeply appreciate how you take away the complexities to make it accessible to us all. We are so lucky to have you at UUCM!



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