Current COVID Protocols for Sunday Morning

See below for a reminder of the COVID procedures that are currently in place for Sunday mornings until further notice.

For adults attending the worship service:

  1. Masks will be required in the building.  We will be making a few exceptions for speakers and performers while they are on stage and at a distance from those in attendance. Masks will be available for you if needed.
  2. There will be no capacity restrictions.  All are welcome to attend in person. We will encourage social distancing and do what we can to manage the flow of people in our common areas.
  3. We will not be serving coffee and food after the service and we will encourage people to spread out to visit with each other outside or in the larger space of the sanctuary.

For those who are uncomfortable attending in person, we will continue to offer a Zoom option, which will include live video from the sanctuary. Check your Friday Update email for login information. For technical support, text your name to 612-486-2656 (or call) and a member of our team will help you.

For our children and youth, you can find more information in this article.

One Comment

  1. Thank you for all you do to keep everyone engaged and safe. This is difficult work with no easy answers, and I appreciate all you are doing to balance multiple competing needs.



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