UUCM Youth Care Packages

tim-mossholder-8R-mXppeakM-unsplashIt is that time of year again to collect small nurturing, helpful items for the 6 UUCM young adults who are off to college and other adventures near and far.  All will appreciate small, light-weight tokens of our affection and messages of encouragement. The deadline for donations is October 24th.

Care package ideas: gum, mints, pens, post-it notes, chapstick, stain-remover sticks, granola bars, small toys, candy, Kleenex pocket-packs, travel-size Advil, lotion, $5 gift cards for Target/Starbucks etc. Use your imagination and bring 6 of each chosen item (so care packages are similar) to Donation Box in Community Room or the bin outside church.

One Comment

  1. I love this tradition! Even 20+ years later, I remember how my first year at college was simultaneously exciting and lonely; I love that we are showing our care to our young adult UUCM-ers.



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