(Archive) March/April North Wall Art: Deborah Foutch

life above and below“I am an artist who is bowled over by the natural world, by the lush complicated systems we walk through daily. I work in mixed media because the richness of combined materials comes closest to expressing my experience. As an artist who cares about the natural world, I can see the changes we humans are causing. I am exploring my role in expressing a need to change…Tying my concerns to actions that need to be taken is a work in progress. I have begun by showing the beauty I find while I seek connections to solutions. Solutions that take the interconnectedness of what is happening into account.”

Deborah’s work is now on display in the North Wall Art space. If you are attending Sunday services on Zoom and would like to see the show in person, please contact Christy Dachelet to arrange a viewing at your convenience. To view the artist’s full bio, click here

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