Qigong Classes at UUCM

Weekly May 1 – June 5 at 5:30 PM
Registration details below
Join us for a guided 6-week Qigong practice on Sunday afternoons beginning May 1st and running through June 5th at 5:30 in the UUCM sanctuary.

Qigong is an ancient meditative Movement practice that allows energetic pathways to open up and realign the body, relaxes the mind, and develops your spiritual understanding. Birgit Kraus is a certified LVIV Master Healer in Spring Forest Qigong who will lead us through 60 minutes of gentle motion both standing and sitting. No experience or skill is necessary, and this is open to members and friends of all ages. For more information about Birgit, here’s a link to her website bkhealingartsmn.com.

Prepare for a new week with a purposeful spiritual practice that will energize your body, mind, and heart. This class will be held in the UUCM sanctuary with masks required. An offering to the teacher of $20 per class is asked, with a portion being donated to the church. We do need a minimum number of participants per week so please respond to Shelley Buss at splinterchickie@hotmail.com  or 612-619-0584 if you will be attending or have any questions. Attendance at all classes is not required to participate. We’re looking forward to exploring this new spiritual practice with our community!


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