Recycling Metal Collection at Church

Next Event: June 5
The Climate Justice Committee will be collecting aluminum cans and a large variety of products that contain metal on the first Sunday in April, May, and June. You can bring your items to church or drop off during the day.

There will be a large container to collect aluminum cans and a trailer for other items. We will do the hauling to Express Metals. Many items–large and small–can be recycled including lawn mowers, snow blowers, BBQ grills, lead acid batteries, lead fishing weights, extension cords, etc. Please access this link for a complete list of items. This collection will support the UUCM Youth’s ASP summer trip to and help the environment. Thank you!

RSVP note for large items: If you are bringing a large item to recycle that will require a trailer to haul, please email Marlys Johnson OR Sue Asinger.

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