Introducing Karen Heuiser, UUCM’s New Director of Family Ministry!

We are excited to announce the hiring of Karen Heuiser as UUCM’s new Director of Family Ministry. 

Karen brings over a decade of experience as a teacher, volunteer coordinator and congregational Religious Education leader, as well as years as an award-winning journalist. Her educational background includes teaching preschool, elementary ESL, curriculum and arts development. Her volunteer experience spans coaching, fundraising, and serving as the coordinator of the Amity host family program at her children’s Spanish Immersion school. With Amity, Karen led recruitment and support of the families and student teachers they welcome into their homes. For the past 10 years, Karen has served as the chair of her UCC congregation’s religious education committee, helping to oversee the program from nursery through high school and supporting the changing needs of families with creativity and care.

We were impressed with Karen’s warmth, creativity and strong commitment to congregational life. She is passionate about connecting with the people she serves and providing volunteers with the support and organization they need to thrive. We believe she will be able to build on the strong foundation of our CYRE program and to bring new ideas and opportunities.

Karen is thrilled to be joining the UUCM community and can’t wait to meet our families and congregation this July. She will begin her time with us on July 18th – please join us in extending a warm UUCM welcome. We look forward to supporting and growing with our families in the new year ahead!

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