ASP Blog Update #8


The 9th grade crew has been working on two different projects for Virginia, a homebound homeowner and her adult son, Richard. One project involves building a ramp and installing railing spindles to improve ease of access, and the other is to work underneath the floor of a bathroom to fix structural problems before installing a new toilet and bath. Today the crew got really close to being done with all those spindles and finally? closed up “the hole,” as it is affectionately called, in the bathroom.

The 11th grade crew is working on a project for homeowners Carl and Jessica, 6 year old Blake, and 4 year old Charleigh. They are tasked with prepping (wrapping/insulating) the exterior of their house for the addition of new siding as well as a new window installation. One side of the house butts up against a fence and has an air conditioner in the way, which makes the workspace extra tight. This crew celebrated finishing up the front side insulation today which involved lots of angled cuts and small pieces to measure.

Tonight ASP provided a delicious picnic dinner in a nearby park where the kids got to burn off some extra energy and go swimming. (How the youth have any energy left after working hard on these extremely hot and humid days is still baffling to the fearless, and tired leaders.)

Tomorrow is our last work day and we are all anxious to challenge ourselves to finish up as much as we can before passing the work onto new ASP crews who will take over where we leave off next week.


  1. What a great week you all had, helping these two families and learning so much along the way. Safe travels home.



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