ASP Blog Update #10

Post from Friday:

On the morning of our last work day at AS another church led a devotional featuring the bible story about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. We have all been living into the role reversal of being the ones who serve vs those who are served, being the teens doing the bulk of the work, being the adults who have to step back to allow the kids room to step up.

Noses to the grindstone, we finished up our projects!! The ramp project group finished the spindles up by midmorning and spent the rest of the day mitigating a couple new issues that popped up as well as getting the bathroom prepped for the plumber to come next week.

The exterior siding group met both of their goals by finishing the insulation on the squishy side of the house and completing the siding on the back! The homeowner on this site had a pool and invited us to end the hot day with a swim along with the aunts and cousins who were visiting. 

Both groups gifted the grateful homeowners with new doormats as well as quilts lovingly made  by Mary Pederson.

After dinner we took part in a full group sharing circle where we talked about our highlights from the week. The youth mentioned connections made with families, each other, and how though they expected to change the lives of others, they underestimated the ways they too felt changed.

After getting packed up, the fearless adults awarded personalized top banana awards for each of the youth in their work groups. (Parents, be sure to ask your kid about the category they won!) Many ended the evening with another rousing game (aka shouting match) of Superfight where fictional villains and sidekicks are pitted against each other.

Another full day to be proud of! 


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