ASP Blog Update – Finale!


We’re on the way home! We’ve traded the hills of Appalachia for the cornfields of Indiana, followed by the toll roads of Illinois and now the dells of Wisconsin with 5 hours left in our power trip home (1 shot 18 hours!) Phew!

What a trip! Both parents and the congregation should be so proud of this group of kids!!

Having a lot of driving time for reflection, it strikes me what an unusual experience it is to have kids and adults (aside from Brian who came with a lot of background knowledge and construction experience) learning on the job at the same time. Most of the adults didn’t know any more than the youth about perlins or tyvek, subflooring or spindles, so we had to problem solve together, teach each other, communicate effectively, and build each other up collectively. We all found it at times to be frustrating, wearing, hot (all the time), and so, so gratifying.

Though many arrived a little hesitant about the trip, by the end, everyone said they would go again, and despite the long car ride home, the youth riding in my vehicle asked if we couldn’t just ride around for one more hour, because they just weren’t ready for the trip to be over.

Thanks again to the kids for their willingness, the adult chaperones for sharing precious time, and to all the folks who gave money and sent good vibes along the way. We are so grateful for your support and plan to share more about our experience with you as part of a service in September.


  1. Have read all of the blogs and enjoyed each… Am so proud of all of you and the sacrifices you made to have this experience. Your hard work and the group cooperation shone through in the telling… thanks so much! Bev



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