Update on Guatemalan Family + SignUp Genius Details

UUCM continues to work with the UUSC and Michael Servetus Unitarian Society to support a Guatemalan family that has been reunited in Minnesota, after being separated for many years at the border. We have created a SignUp Genius page with donation/support details. If you’d like to help, CLICK HERE.

Updates: The parents have their work documents, or green cards, and have obtained jobs at a local car wash. They were working nights cleaning businesses, but found that was very hard, transportation was an issue, and it made parenting more difficult. They are glad to be working during the day now. The father was a taxi driver in Guatemala, and would like to get his driver’s license. Fortunately, UUCM friend Ginna Shultz is bilingual and has volunteered to help him study for his driver’s test.

A big need for the family is dental care. We’ve checked with the U of M dentistry school but they are quite expensive. If anyone has any connections to dentists that do sliding fee or free dental care, we would love to learn about that. If you know of a dentist that can help, please email Kate Flom.

We are hoping to have a joint service with Michael Servetus soon, so that you can meet the family and learn more about what it means to be a Central or South American immigrant to the US. Thank you for your continued support!

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