Update on UUCM’s Mask Policy for August-Labor Day

UUCM has guided its COVID safety practices using the CDC, MN Dept of Health, and UUA as resources. As COVID becomes a part of our ongoing life in community, UUCM will pilot a new mask policy for the rest of the summer that adjusts to the COVID data of our specific area. We will receive community feedback before finalizing our mask policy for the Fall.

For August-Labor Day: Signs will be clearly posted and adjusted for the three community risk levels detailed below. A notice will also be published in the weekly Friday Update email, so attendees can anticipate each Sunday’s masking guidelines.

Risk Levels:

  1. When the COVID Community Risk Level is Low: Masks are Optional
    At this level, CDC recommends wearing a mask based on your personal preference, informed by your personal level of risk. UUCM will still provide masks and encourage a culture where mask wearing is accepted and supported.

  2. When the COVID Community Risk Level is Medium: Masks are Recommended
    At this level, CDC recommends wearing a mask if you are immunocompromised or in social contact with someone who is at risk. UUCM will take a slightly stronger stance of recommending masks for everyone, but not requiring them.

  3. When the COVID Community Risk Level is High: Masks are Required
    At this level, CDC recommends masking indoors regardless of vaccination status. UUCM will align with this recommendation and require masks for all indoor gatherings.

We will continue to promote:

  • Serving food outdoors and suggest that people distance in the sanctuary
  • Requesting that anyone exposed to COVID come masked in a high quality mask or refrain from attending until 10 days after their exposure and test before returning.
  • Requesting that anyone mask within 10 days of returning from travel.
  • Providing free tests to members and friends as needed.

For those who are uncomfortable attending in person, we will continue to offer a Zoom option, which will include live video from the sanctuary. Check your Friday Update email for login information. For technical support, text your name to 612-486-2656 (or call) and a member of our team will help you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Rev. Lisa with any questions you may have.

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