(Archive) North Wall Art: Lynnette Black

ChaChaChaOn Exhibit from September 1 – November
“My work is [intuitive and] painterly, with flowing lines, and marked by the obvious sign of the hand.  Each piece has its own energy derived by the intensity of the marks but also the choice of colors, vivid, sometimes joyful, other times muted, pensive or sorrowful. My themes are about spirituality, social justice, art and healing.” 

Print details: “Cha. Cha. Cha.”  Intaglio, relief, stencils, acrylic and chine colle. Awarded Best In Show, Artistry, Bloomington Center for the Arts. 2020. Merit Award Robyn Gallery. 2021. First Place in Printmaking, Hopkins Center for the Arts.

Read Lynnette’s full bio and artist statement. Visit her website and check out the following video presentations:

Artist Feature – Lynnette Black: Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Panel discussion about Lynnette’s development as an artist over 50 years, produced by International Association of Artists (IAFA).

If you are attending Sunday services on Zoom and would like to see the show in person, please contact Christy Dachelet to arrange a viewing at your convenience. 

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