Special Announcement: News from Office Administration

element5-digital-OyCl7Y4y0Bk-unsplashFor the past 4 1/2 years, UUCM has grown in organizational strength and clarity with the caring, creative and agile leadership of Allison Laura as our Office Administrator. In the midst of constant change, Allison has kept us organized, connected, and supported with the resources we needed at just the right time and with warmth and encouragement along the way.

Allison has shared with Rev. Lisa and the Board her intent to leave her position at the beginning of the New Year to pursue opportunities toward her teaching career. Please see below to read her personal message to the congregation about this decision. We have shared our gratitude with Allison, how much she means to the congregation, and how much she will be missed. We look forward to a special celebration with her on January 8th. We hope you will join us in wishing Allison well on this new chapter of her life. Our loss is education’s gain: the world needs teachers like her!

Continue reading to view Allison’s letter to the congregation.

Hello Friends,

As some of you know, I am currently enrolled in graduate school at Augsburg University pursuing my (elementary school) Master’s in Teaching. I have about two years left in my program, with student teaching in the Fall of 2024 and the completion of my master’s thesis in Spring, 2025. 

What started as a vision for the future is now transforming into something more tangible, and I am at the point in my program where I feel called to step more fully into my role as teacher. I need to start “walking my talk” and understanding better what it means to be an educator in today’s times. As I explored this call, an opportunity arose that will allow me to substitute teach as a “building sub” full time until I receive my permanent teaching license. I am excited! 

With this opportunity, I also take time to pause and reflect on the road I have walked this last half-decade. UUCM has been an important part of this journey and I am so grateful to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know. You have offered me support when I most needed it, kind smiles and sweet stories. We have transitioned and grown in the process of welcoming new ministers, staff, members, and friends. There have been many milestones during my time as Office Administrator at UUCM, and I bow to them all. 

I look forward to connecting with each of you more personally in the days to come. I will be at church for the Holiday Pageant on December 11 and at my Bon Voyage gathering, after the service on January 8. Beyond that, know that I will hold you and UUCM in my heart – always.


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