Join Us for a Party for Allison Laura

adi-goldstein-Hli3R6LKibo-unsplashSAVE THE DATE Sunday, January 8 After the Service
We will hold a party for to celebrate Allison Laura’s 4 1/2 years as Office Administrator and wish her well as she continues her journey into teaching. The celebration will be held after the service on January 8. 

Share You Personal Message with Allison on Kudoboard
We also invite you to share notes of gratitude and good wishes, photos and memories on this Kudoboard, which will be shared with Allison as a special slideshow. Click here to access the Kudoboard platform, click “Add to Board” and follow the instructions. (Please reach out to Rev. Lisa if you would like assistance posting your message.) 

There will also be a station on January 8 to add to the Kudoboard, sign a personal photo for Allison, and more!

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