What Does Love Mean to You?

Throughout the month of February, we invited UUCMers of all ages to share what love means to them on our Wall of Love in the Community Room. We put together a collage of the answers we shared.

Love is accepting, 

celebrating, amplifying.

Love is making friends,

Spending time with family,

A happy valentine,

My chosen family!

Love is trust,

Acceptance, kindness,

An open heart.

Love is ocean, animals,

Awe and reverence for all life… the beetle, bird, bud, buffalo

The interconnectedness within us all.

Love means you being you,

Giving the person space to be themselves,

Being seen and listened to,
Treating people the way you want to be treated.

Love is not a noun, it is an action verb!

Love is fighting for Justice!

Love means that you feel loved and happy.

It feels like taking care,

like being warm inside,

Like the warm hug your mom gives you,

Or a blanket keeping you safe and warm.

Love is taking care of people,

Chatting online or offline 

or spending time with someone,

Visiting a friend who is recovering from surgery,

Helping new people.

Love is a good day,

A Happy Eden,

Leah, BTS, 

The petals of a rose.

Love is I love you.

Love is uncontrollable,



Acceptance for others.

Love is love.

It means everything.

Love will not stop.

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