UUCM Choir Invitational

Come and sing with this year’s UUCM Choir Invitational! If you’ve ever been interested in singing in the choir, but haven’t been sure or weren’t positive you could make the yearly commitment, this is the time for you. For our next three rehearsals and upcoming performance, you are specifically invited to come if it’s your first time, if you just want to try it out, or if you’re not sure if you even want to keep doing it long term. There are no ability level prerequisites – anyone is welcome to come and sing – but if you are nervous or unsure about what might be expected of a singer at a choir rehearsal, Paul would also be happy to schedule a time to meet or Zoom with you to help prepare you. The rehearsals are Wednesday evenings, May 10th from 7–8, May 17th from 7–8, and May 24th from 7–8:30 and the performance will be in worship on Sunday, May 28th. We hope to see you there!

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