Save the Date: Annual Meeting—May 21, 2023

The Annual Meeting of the UUCM Members, as outlined in the UUCM By-Laws, will be held on Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 11:30am.  The meeting will be held both in-person at the church, and online via Zoom.  All members are encouraged to participate, as a quorum is needed to conduct business.  Friends of UUCM are also welcome to attend.   If you are planning to join by Zoom, you must pre-register at this link to join the meeting.

The full agenda is available, and we have summarized the key decisions and business items below. This page will be updated over the next few weeks as new details become available. If you have questions, please contact

Operating Budget for 2023-2024

The board is proposing an operating budget of $445,000 for fiscal year 2023-2024. This new budget amount represents a less than 5% increase from last year. Increased expenses come from high costs in some areas–for example, maintenance costs have increased as our building gets older. Personnel expenses account for the bulk of our budget and increases in that area account for a shift in UUA guidelines for staff compensation, and our progress towards making sure our staff continues to be paid fairly. You can see the specifics of the budget here.

Elections for Board and Nominating Committee

Per the By-Laws, Board officers (President and VP) are elected for one year terms, while Board trustees are elected for 3 years terms. Three of the Nominating Committee members are elected by the congregation for one year terms.  This year’s Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate of candidates for terms starting in July 2022. You can read all about the candidates here.

Board of Trustees

  • President (1 year): Janna Sundby
  • Vice President (1 year): Shelley Buss
  • Board Trustee (3 years): Emily Rosengren and Guy Johnson

(Note: Brian Zais, Jeff Adrian, and Fred Hulting will continue as Board Directors).

Nominating Committee

  • Members (1 year): MaryAnn Wiborg, Kathy Stuebner, and Fay LaVigne

Approval of a Resolution and Public Statement

The congregation will vote on to allow a land acknowledgment on the church website.

You can read this document to get more background on the resolution.  

UUCM Updates and Reports

We will publish reports from the Board, Council, and Minister that summarize the activities of the past year [posted by May 20].  At the meeting we will verbally share some brief comments and highlights from the reports.

Minutes from Previous Meetings

We will approve the minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting, found here.

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